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Strong foundations

We have structured Articles.co.uk to be a lean, effective and dependable content creation and delivery team for internal projects, ventures and clients.

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No investors or shareholders to worry about

As a single-owner company, Articles.co.uk is accountable to no-one but itself and this allows it to provide a sustainably high-quality service with the interests of clients at the forefront rather than shareholders.

Articles.co.uk does one thing and does it well

With a sole focus on copywriting, we can stay sharp and cost-effective. We won’t compete with or get in the way of your existing SEO or PPC providers.

We’re upfront from the get-go

If we feel that a particular project isn’t a good match, then we’ll tell you as we don’t want to turn in sub-par work, let you down and ruin our reputation. We’ll signpost you to the most appropriate of our associates so you’ll be well looked after.

Confidentiality matters

Our services are confidential and we can use NDAs if you need them. We’re not showy or overtly “there”; we work quietly in the background to enhance your existing team.

We love tech but it’s all about the personal

We use our in-house machine learning tools so our ordering and tracking processing is as efficient as it gets. However, sometimes you need to speak to a carbon-based helpmeet, so we’re on the phone (and email) 18 hours a day, seven days a week.

We only accept the best

Your success – and ultimately ours – rests on working with the best. Whether an in-house or a freelance copywriter, they’re only with us because they’ve got through our tough vetting process. Don’t worry, though; once they’re through this ordeal, they’re treated very well indeed.

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