Below can be found the most commonly asked questions about Articles.co.uk.

Questions about Content Production

Our usual turnaround times are six days for smaller orders and ten days for larger orders. We can offer a premium service with shorter turnarounds if necessary.

A wordcount is, quite simply, how many words a completed post or article has. More doesn’t always mean better, so we’ll advise you on the optimum wordcounts for your needs.

You’ll receive your articles in either Word or Excel.

We cover most subjects, but we will refuse any orders that involve anything illegal, immoral or that require a licenced person to write (such as legal or medical matters).

As soon as we receive conformation of receipt for the final version of the content, you own it outright.

No. Our client service team is the frontline, which keeps our writers free of distractions.

Not at present, but if you think you could help us here, then email hello@articles.co.uk

Questions about Content Quality & Plagiarism

Yes. All content is proofread and peer-reviewed at least twice before it’s delivered to you. After delivery, you can still request up to two edits at no additional cost.

We have a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism. We use industry-leading software to detect plagiarised content and will strike any offending writers from our books.

Questions about Billing and Commercials

Bank transfers are our preferred payment method but we also accept Visa and Mastercard.

We request payment in advance.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all your orders. For your first five (non-concurrent) orders, up to three articles per order are covered by the guarantee.

Questions about Freelance Copywriting Roles

No, all our copywriters and proofreaders are freelance suppliers.

Yes, we are. If you’re interested, click here to look at available roles.

You can set your own rates and we distribute work according to your experience, specialties, availability and proven reliability.

It’s paramount. We give writers reasonable deadlines and also have systems in place to encourage timeliness. Meeting deadlines is vital to our clients so we take every care to deliver on, if not before, time.

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