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Campsites can differ wildly in what they offer would-be campers. You need specialist copywriting.

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Data and Copywriting – Partnered

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Copywriting is part skill, part magic and combined with data it’s also targeted. With our range of proprietary and industry data sources we analyse what your audience loves most and aim your content right at them.

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2024 Campsite Copywriting Insights Whitepaper

Industry Whitepaper

To see how copywriting has become more important for campsites and why good content is key to a successful business, order a copy of our latest whitepaper.

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Introduction To Copywriting For Campsites
Campsites can differ wildly in what they offer would-be campers. You need specialist copywriting.
Data and Copywriting – Partnered
Copywriting is part skill, part magic and combined with data it’s also targeted.
2022 Campsite Copywriting Insights Whitepaper
To see how copywriting has become more important for campsites and why good content is key to a successful business, order a copy of our latest whitepaper.

Why Campsites Need Effective Copywriting

And who to efficiently target the content towards

Campsites are essential for travellers looking to enjoy nature. With most regions not allowing impromptu camping and requiring campers to pitch their tents in designated areas, it is important for campsites to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Effective copywriting can do just that. With relevant, creative content you can inform would-be campers of the different perks associated with camping at your site. This may include nearby festivals, by-the-creek camping, running water, and more.

We are a professional team dedicated to providing companies and owners with expert-crafted content.


Those intending to camp at your campsite need to know things like where their pitch is, where the amenities and utilities are, and all the different things they can do in the area.

The Public

Getting the word out to the public is the best way to guarantee that your tent spots are booked all year.


Most governments require licenses to run campsites and will be in regular contact to ensure you’re abiding by any restrictions that may be in place.

Service Employees

If your campsite has physically present staff, they can make use of your web content and marketing material for their job.

Services Offered

For the needs of a campsite

Creating content for a campsite can be a complex process, especially in climates or municipalities with special limitations. is capable of providing excellent service in copywriting no matter the subject or content type, be it blog posts, copywriting, marketing material, or more.

Proofreading is also included with your purchase to ensure a clean copy.

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Campsite Website Copywriting

Those who need to know more about your campsite will look online first. We can provide them with relevant information that is sure to answer the questions they don’t know they’re asking.

Government Communications Writing

You’ll be working closely with local government. can help draft memos and proposals to keep everything above board.

Marketing Asset Copywriting

Ensure your campsite is booked throughout each season with accurate and compelling marketing material – including flyers, brochures and guest posts.


Content is useless if it lacks in error-free presentation. Each order you make comes with complementary proofreading.

Simple Process

How Does it Work?

After you’ve sent us an enquiry, we go onto work out the best way to produce the highest quality content for your airline company.

Step 1:

You schedule a consultation

You’ll talk through your needs with your account manager so that we know what you want. We need to know who your audience is, the probable volume and frequency of your orders and any special considerations you might have due to the location of your airline company.

Step 2:

We create a plan of action proposal

We’ll then work out how to achieve your aims and which writer we should bring on board to produce the content for you. This is very important because having a writer with the right background and experience makes for a smoother experience for everyone.

Step 3:

Our team gets to work

This is when the magic happens. It’s well-managed magic, though, as each piece of content is proofread and reviewed three times before you receive it.

Step 4:

Copywriting is delivered, to brief and schedule

You’ll receive your content and you have several days to review it. If you want to make any changes to it then you can ask for up to two free edits per article. We aim to carry out edits within 72 hours of your request.

Step 5:

You approve the work and pay us

Once you’ve approved the content then it’s yours forever. Then it’s time to place your next order with us!

Campsites ask us

Frequent Questions

Here we cover most of the basic questions regarding copywriting for campsites, but feel free to get in touch if you want to know more.

Why is ideal for campsite copywriting?

Many of our writers are active campers in a variety of climates. We understand the nuances surrounding tent etiquette, safety tips in the bush and how to interact with other campers in a safe and respectful manner.

How long does copywriting take?

In most cases, our turnaround times for smaller orders are three days and up to seven days for larger ones.

What, and how much, client input is required?

This can vary according to the subject matter but you’ll need to give us a detailed, comprehensive brief to start with and then review the content once you have it. We may ask you for further input if the content needs to be edited or rewritten so that our writers learn more about you and your needs.

What happens if I don’t like the content?

If you’re not happy with the content then we offer up to two free re-writes to get it right for you. Alternatively, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your orders.

Who owns the content produced?

As soon as we receive confirmation of receipt and acceptance for the final version of your content, you own it outright.

How much does copywriting cost?

Our basic rate is 7p (GBP) per word, but price schedules will vary with the size and frequency of your orders, so do call and talk to us about your content needs.

What are your SLAs?

Quite simply, our SLAs involve delivering the content to you on time, up to standard and without any plagiarism involved.

Is proofreading included?

All content is proofread and peer-reviewed three times before we deliver it to you. You can still ask for your free edits after delivery, if necessary.

How do you deal with plagiarism?

Very harshly indeed. We have industry-leading proprietary software that detects plagiarised content and we’ll no longer use any writers who have submitted it.

Is your service confidential?

Absolutely. We can also ask our writers and proofreaders to sign non-disclosure agreements if you need more reassurance.

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2024 Campsite Copywriting Insights

Copywriting allows potential customers and interested individuals to find all the necessary information regarding your campsite and what makes your property special.

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Campsites can be found everywhere. Even those in the cities feel the call of nature and regularly find themselves journeying out into nature, needing a place to set up a tent for a while as they explore the surrounding countryside. This is an experience shared across nations.

Regardless of where your campsite is based, will always have a team member available to work in your time zone.

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