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No bidding for jobs or competing with under-qualified individuals. Work is offered based on your industry background, reputability and availablilty.


Industry Specialist Freelance Copywriting Jobs

We pride ourselves on adding value to clients by having the most knowledgeable copywriters and proofreaders, at scale.

In-demand Specialities

Fully Remote Team

From the ground up we are a hyper-connected remote team. Out with the flashy postcodes and in with fair writer remuneration.

Team Locations

Reliable, Fast Payments

Payments are available for withdrawal monthly, via bank transfer. We cover the sending fees.

Our Payment Promise

You choose the work

Your schedule, your choice. You can easily accept, reduce or pause instantly from your dashboard.

Scheduling Work

Powerful in-house Technology

We use a unique blend of software to match writers to clients, detect plagiarism, perform research and for project management.

Our Technology

Freelance writing jobs available

Are you tired of competing for writing jobs against freelance copywriters and proofreaders who lack your client industry knowledge? Fed up with penny-pinching restrictive agency environments? Are you wasting time on the admin and sales side of being a freelancer?

Together, we are focused on one thing – being the best specialist copywriting and proofreading provider our loyal clients could hope for. This is only possible by working hand-in-hand with specialist copywriters and proofreaders who know their industries inside out.

If you pass our selection processes, you'll be working with some of the very best writers. We only accept the finest and most reliable specialist copywriters and proofreaders – historically this is just 6% of our applicants. We pay very competitive rates and offer a range of auxiliary benefits to retain such people.

We are currently looking for freelance copywriters, proofreaders and deep-knowledge subject advisory consultants.

Working together with us will entitle you to

  • Fair freelance rates
  • On-time payments
  • Well-planned briefs
  • Reasonable deadlines
  • Location independence
  • Control over order volume

We have access to up to

(as of )

179of the finest freelance copywriters and proofreaders
  • Plus
  • 1 Project Management Team
  • 1 Uploading Team
  • 2 Technical Development Teams
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We handle the account and project management, marketing, tech, sales and finance

We handle the account and project management, marketing, tech, sales and finance because we know that time spent on clients, marketing, sales and finance pulls you away from what you do best, which is writing.

Less stress, more time for writing

Imagine if you could focus your time on writing the content that you know the client needs, while we take care of the time-heavy, often distracting background tasks.

Competitive remuneration, no-bidding process

We do not aim to suit all price-points, and definitely don't aim to become anything that resembles a copy-mill, we aim to provide the best quality, specialist written content at a rate that works well for both the client and writer.

By accepting specialist, urgent or 'requested writer' orders, you are able to earn considerably more than the regular rates.

Highest demand specialities

These are our most in-demand specialities for freelance copywriters, proofreaders and deep-knowledge subject advisory consultants.

Don’t worry, if your area of writing speciality or industry knowledge isn't here; send us a message or give us a call anyway. These are simply the most in-demand at this time, and we always want the best industry specialists on-board.

Knowledge Speciality Demand
Alcoholic beverages (consumer) High
Bars & Pubs (hospitality) High
Outdoor events High
Cloud Services (Hosting and SaaS) High

Leveraging data to select the best person for the job

We match writers and proofreaders based on our data's unique and ever-adapting formula. Humans are always in control for the final say and project management, though!

Aim to be the best, not the cheapest

While price is always important in business, our core priority is to match the most relevant and experienced writers and proofreaders with our clients’ writing needs.

Deep-knowledge subject advisory consultants

We retain a number of deep-knowledge subject advisory consultants in order to ensure that industry and technical copywriting is not only factually correct, but also as in-depth as the audience requires. This adds value to their reading experience and promotes trust, both among humans and search engines.

Are you a subject expert?

No background or experience in copywriting or proofreading experience is required to become a deep-knowledge subject advisory consultant, as you won't be doing the writing; however - you need to know your industry or niche of expertise as well as, if not better than, the client.

Our Applications Process

If you think you can add to our client capability then you should apply.
We aim to complete your application process within five days.


Start your application by applying on our website. This is for individuals only.


For peer review, we will ask you to write a trial article on a subject related to your speciality.


You’ll have a phone or an in-person interview, to ensure that we’re a good fit.


You’ll need to provide references from two former clients.


All new writers and proofreaders undergo a six-month probation period.

Think you could be a good fit in our team?

Now that you've heard what we have to offer the best,
let's see what you have to offer us.

Please only apply if you have over 2 years freelance copywriting or proofreading experience.

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