Service Availability Status

Below can be found our service availability status per team and market.
This page is updated weekly.

Availability Zone Capacity Available Status
United Kingdom 48% Available
Australia 43% Available
New Zealand 29% Available
USA (East) 60% Available
USA (West) 52% Available
USA (North) 23% Available
USA (South) 38% Available
Availability Zone Capacity Available Status
United Kingdom 49% Available
Australia 52% Available
New Zealand 41% Available
USA (East) 68% Available
USA (West) 58% Available
USA (North) 29% Available
USA (South) 48% Available
Location Capacity Available Status
San José, Costa Rica 22% Available
Riga, Latvia 29% Available
Cebu, Philippines 64% Available
Location Status
Bangkok, TH Operational
Auckland, NZ Operational
System Status
Email Operational
Phone Systems Operational
Live Chat Operational
Writer Portal Operational
Client Portal Operational
Website Hosting Operational
DNS Operational
CDN Operational

Status reports are updated by our technical and operations teams.
For historical reports, please scroll down the page.

Active Incidents

April 2018

No active service or technical outages.

Past Incidents

May 18 2019

CDN DNS Propagation Issue (APAC)
Issues identified and remediated with DNS propagation for CDN, relating to CNAME of subdomain. Issue affected users in APAC for approximately 45 minutes.